Sunday, October 5, 2008

Might as Well Face It...

I'm addicted to jawns.

More field notes:

I'm 'bouta ace this jawn right here. [English test]

We gotta do these definition jawns on the back? [dangling jawn]

I need my jawn to get to school in. [car]

I got this Family Guy jawn on my phone. [episode]

My jawn was negative. [drug test]

That's the funny jawn... [It's funny when that happens]

I was chilling in the jawn like this, ... [bathroom, receiving oral sex]

I'm 'bouta go back to Disney World, dog. That jawn was poppin'. [place/amusement park]

I got smoking jawn. [smoking cessation classes]

I'm going to kill that jawn. [bug]

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