Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Keeping up with the Jawnses

Here are some field notes from my most recent jawns encounters. Bracketed words are the words (sometimes my best guess) for which "jawn" or "jawns" is the replacement.


“This jawn worked, then I pressed that jawn.” [iPod; button]

“This is a unorganized fire drill jawn.” [superfluous, a dangling jawn?]

“You should have said that before they gave out the jawn.” [student government ballot]

(In this case, our classes were voting for student president, and one of the candidates was in the class making last ditch attempts to convince people to vote for her. The kid who said this got a big laugh. Zing! Or, rather, Jawn!)

“They gave me this little notepad jawn.” [another dangler]

“That was the jawn that I forgot.” [answer or selection on a multiple choice quiz]

“I heard if you go out of state with that jawn, you lose service.” [Metro PCS cell phone]

“What jawn?” [Which one?]

“My little brother got that on the single and jawn. That jawn crazy.” [and stuff; song]

“Just write it on the same jawn so you ain’t waste the pass.” [referring to a hall pass, an instance of replacing a word with jawn and then using the replaced word in the same sentence]

“So, I’d put, like, March jawn.” [filling in a date on a form, March 2008]

“When I’m done with this job jawn, who I turn it in to?” [application]

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