Monday, October 20, 2008

Opening up the mail bag

Our first out-of-region jawn sighting comes from William in Indianapolis:

"i was listening to the russ parr morning show this morning and they were playing clips of john mccain and barack obama from the al smith dinner, which is kind of like a roast from what i can gather. there's a good article about it here:

"at any rate, mr. parr said that mccain and obama were "jawning on each other," or, at least, i thought maybe that's what he said. it sounded more like "joning" to me, but isn't that the way you said it was pronounced? i wouldn't have thought much of it except that i've been waiting to hear an instance of jawn on the show since it's nationally syndicated. i'm not sure, but he was talking to a comedian who was going to be in DC for the weekend and it sounded like he was talking as if the show were based in DC. just a quick bit of research seems to point to that being true and, as we know, jawn is in DC."

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